Archivi biologici archivi biografici/Biological Archive, Biographical Archive

Archivi biologici archivi biografici

Starting from seeds and returning to seeds, we experience the genes, memory and biological identity of every living organism. Genes, memory and biological identity – as connected to the human being perceived as an individual and as a social ‘particle’ – are simultaneously nature and culture.
Who gives food gives rules/Chi dà il cibo dà le regole/

These living biological archives are vocabulary-archives, (un)veiling the language of Babel.They are (a) language.
Lullaby of the bakers farmer/ Ninnananna del contadino

Calls for a ‘return to rurality’ are spreading across the soil, the field and the Earth. They are issued by actors as diverse as farmers experimenting with new cultivation techniques, unemployed youth turning to agriculture as a means of employment and sustenance, cultural theorists, citizens seeking for new ways of living and inhabiting the countryside. This ‘return to rurality’ is driven by abstract nostalgias as well as by practical needs: above all, the need to pursue economic practices and growing patterns, which would significantly different from the current ones – upholding the right to food sovereignty.
With the established practices increasingly falling into decline, new forms of ecology, economy, communal life and activism are tested. On these grounds, themes such as food sovereignty, land rights and the issue of open-pollinated seeds (i.e. non-hybrid and strictly non-GMO seeds) come to the fore.Seeds are indeed crucial in this context: collected, exchanged, ‘guarded’ and perpetuated in the more or less spontaneous catalogue fields, they have become the ‘seed’ of all discourses, practices and movements around rurality.

Gramsci e le formiche 

The catalogue fields – as living biological archives –  can be considered as ‘impermanent’ museum buildings, thus implying a radical questioning of the methods and meaning of traditional ways to materially ‘conserve’ memory and identity.

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